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Behind the Meat

We cut, we season, we make your next meal easy to prepare. The concept was inspired from our everyday hassle to figure out what to eat and what would be the best and quickest way to prepare it.
In today’s fast passed life, when you’re trying to juggle work, family, fit in a workout and healthy living, we’re here to help, by sourcing clean, fresh, hormone free, filler free meat and poultry. But we didn’t just stop there. We created a mix of marinations to entice your palettes and a mix of spices to enhance your daily meals.
We’ve combined our favorite recipes, some more refined and others tastier, for any occasion, whether you’re planning a simple dinner for one or more, a steak night or even a BBQ feast.
And even more! We can work hand in hand and tailor make your protein based meal plan for the week, with a variety of options suitable for all 7 days of the week. All you have to do is select your preferred meat/poultry options, your marination and we’ll deliver to your door step.

We Cater to Two Types of People

The meat lovers, by guaranteeing the best in class meat cuts and the finest selection of free-range poultry.
The healthy adept, believer in protein as a source of nutrition, tired of relying on food delivery services and bored of their current menu and choices.

Lean & Liyyeh, The Origin

The name Lean & Liyyeh comes from a play on words, with Lean from “lean meats that are low in fat content” and Liyyeh the Arabic word for the complete opposite.

Our Team

What makes someone a foodie? Doesn’t everyone like food? You should see how their faces light up when you talk about food, or what the next meal prep will be!

Our Partners